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New Residential Water SystemsResidential Water Filters and Softeners in Cape Coral, FL

Clear Water Treatment, Inc. offers many different types of residential water systems and all are designed to sit outside and tolerate our hot, humid and corrosive environment. Southwest Florida may be paradise, but our weather is tough on anything that sits outside. With this in mind, Clear Water Treatment, Inc. systems are made to benefit our Florida customers for years to come.

Our company offers a full-service department, staffed by Clear Water Treatment, Inc. employees. No work is ever subbed out, which allows us to maintain our high standard of quality control. Our staff is trained and adept at repairing systems; however, if it’s more cost effective to replace systems, we offer free estimates so you may choose what is best for you and your needs.

All of our water conditioners and filters come with bypasses, in the event you need to, or want to, bypass your equipment. All new filters sold by Clear Water Treatment have U.V. stabilized tank jackets that guard the units from the Florida sun while protecting from algae growth. All filters also have control covers that keep the rain out. Again, our systems are built to sit outside and are made locally here in S.W. Florida.

Our water conditioners are a two-tank system with a separate salt/brine tank because our weather is humid. Salt sitting in the same unit as the conditioners makes for a salt pit that corrodes the control valve; with two separate units, you won’t need to worry about this happening.  Contact Clear Water Treatment, Inc. for a valuable and water-saving new system for your home.