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Water Filters

Water Filters for Residential and Commercial applicationsThere are a variety of filtering systems available for chlorine, chemicals, sediment, odors, hydrogen sulfide and iron; you can filter almost anything out of your water. Water filters can also come in a multitude of sizes, shades and filtering ability. Regardless of filter need, Clear Water Treatment, Inc. can help improve your water system.

On city/municipal water systems, the most common calls we get are from people wanting to improve the taste of their water because of the harsh chemical/chlorine taste. For the most part, the water supplied from the city is entirely safe – even if it doesn’t taste great.

This is where Clear Water Treatment comes in. We have the expertise and knowledge to affordably put the right filtration system with the correct contact time (the time water is exposed to softening/purifying agents in your system) to greatly improve your water’s taste and reduce odors that are irritating to you.

We can also help if you own a restaurant; we have filters that will greatly improve the taste of your coffee and tea, the pasta you cook and the ice in your icemakers. Filtered water will also reduce the amount of scale buildup in your icemakers, dishwashers and faucets, helping them last longer. Or, if you live on a well, we can filter iron and tannins out of your water – removing any unsettling orange and yellow tints. We also can filter out sediment and sulfur, which gives off a distinguishable rotten egg smell.

With a simple on-the-spot test of your water, we can give you accurate knowledge to resolve almost any filtration needs. Call or email Clear Water Treatment, Inc. to get your filters set up today.

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