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Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

Water Softeners by Clear Water Treatment, North Fort Myers, FloridaWhen you see spots on silverware and faucets, or buildup on shower tiles, that’s scale and/or calcium buildup from hard water. The scale and calcium deposits in hard water build up faster in appliances that use hot water, like water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. This buildup decreases the efficiency of these appliances because they are forced to work harder to achieve the same heating or cleaning results.

Installing a water softener (or water conditioner) can help alleviate this problem. The main job of a water softener is to reduce the scale/calcium buildup found in hard water systems. There are ranges of hardness (calcium and scale) that vary from one water source to another. In the water treatment industry, the common hard water measurement is grains per gallon (grains).

Most city/municipal applications in Lee County supply water to customers around 6 or 7 grains of hardness, which is moderate in the hardness range. You will see some scale buildup with this kind of water, but a water softener will help reduce this hard water issue. Remember, the city water must meet the minimum standards for water quality, but a softener will make your water easier to live with.

If you are on a well in Lee County, the hardness is usually around 21 grains or higher. With this water, you will see a large amount of scale buildup along with plenty of spotting on silverware and faucets. We have seen well water with as low as 8-10 grains and some higher than 60 grains, but the average in this area is 21.

Life is much easier with a water softener or conditioner; appliances last longer and work better when a one is installed. Clear Water Treatment can install and service your water softener or water conditioner with unrivaled expertise and high-quality support. Contact us to help improve your hard water issues.

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